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  • Programs for English Language Learners (ELs)

    In order to meet the needs of students who require support in language acquisition and fluency, Community School District 201 provides our language minority students a rigorous curriculum through either the English as a Second language (ESL) or Dual Language Program. Programs are designed to meet the “No Child Left Behind” requirements as well as the State requirements for English Language Learners (ELL)

    ESL stands for "English as a second language"; it is a program that helps students whose native language is a foreign language to attain better proficiency in the English language. In a typical ESL classroom, students may have different language backgrounds, and the lessons are conducted entirely in English. ESL teachers are not required to understand their students' native language.

    Dual Language Program

    Dual language program is sometimes referred to as a two-way bilingual program. In a dual language classroom, half the student population is made up of native English speakers, and the other half is comprised of students who speak the same foreign language. Teachers have to conduct half of the entire course in English and the other half in a foreign language. This program benefits both the English-speaking students and the foreign language-speaking students because they all get to learn a new language.


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    Tim Wyller- Bilingual Director

    C. E. Miller Elementary School

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