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    Because of the compact and accelerated nature of the summer school program, students must be in attendance every day. Under extenuating circumstances, one absence is allowed during this time with approval from a Westmont High School administrator.  Any student who is absent from more than one class per course, regardless of the reason, will forfeit the credit and all fees and be dismissed from the Summer School Program.  Please call the front office at 630-468-8100 no later than 9:00 a.m. to report an absence.



    Students need to arrive for class on time. A student is not permitted to be tardy more than two times. Any student who is tardy at the beginning of class or after break more than three times per course will not receive credit for the course, will be dismissed from the Summer School program and will forfeit fees. Any student who arrives for class more than five minutes tardy or leaves class early will be considered absent from class.


    If you have any further questions – please contact us at 630-468-8100 or contact our Teaching and Learning Coordinator, Lindsay Pietrzak, at lpietrzak@cusd201.org.