• Business Education Department

    In today’s global economy, decision-making and problem solving in the business environment are becoming increasingly complex. The Business Education Department promotes the development of students to become productive citizens in a global society by providing essential business experiences and partnerships. These experiences and partnerships prepare students to be collaborative, technologically and financially literate in today’s competitive global business environment. Workplaces are looking for people with a broad range of knowledge, training and skills that the courses in the Business Education Department provide.

    Business Education courses are structured so students are engaged with web-based communication, collaboration, media and technology tools and apps in order to provide skills in high-tech methods of communication.  Students will make connections to reading using the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, non-fiction business and leadership books and other required readings. Business writing, communication skills, presentation skills, applied mathematics, exposure to technical  information and job searching tools are embedded in all courses in the Business Education Department and practiced daily with rigor and relevance. Curriculum is linked to Common Core Standards and College and Career Readiness Standards.