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    Academic Support

    Academic Support is an alternative to a traditional study hall, where the focus is providing additional support for students with low-motivation and lack of organizational, time-management, and study skills. The role of the Academic Support Coordinator is to monitor the progress of students in their academic classes and to communicate to parents, teachers, student services, administration, and Data Team members regarding student achievement. Students work on organization, studying for upcoming tests and quizzes, completing future homework assignments, late homework, skill-building, and make-up assignments during the class period.







    Anna Jakubowski

           Dan McCulloch         

















    College Readiness

    Westmont High School’s College Readiness class is designed to help prepare students for national standardized tests such as the 
    ACT series of exams. With a 
    recommendation from Data Team as well as parent/guardian approval, the College Readiness class is placed in students’ schedules in lieu of a study hall and/or elective class. A teacher will provide instruction in core academic areas to help support students in attaining proficiency in 
    state and national standards and in 
    preparing for the academic rigor of the college experience.





    Laurie Ritchey
    Laura Pergande 













    ASAP, the After School Achievement Program, takes place during Professional Learning Community (PLC) days at Westmont High School—typically every Wednesday throughout the school year. Studies show that some students need additional time and practice in order to be successful in school. ASAP provides students this opportunity, putting them in an environment immersed in resources and staff support. ASAP empowers students to continuously monitor their own progress in school. Students that are missing work in academic classes or receiving a failing grade in any class have extra time after the school day ends to complete work and prepare for future assessments. Teacher Aides work with students in classrooms and the Media Center to ensure all students are receiving needed supervision and support. The ASAP Coordinator organizes supplementary materials from teachers in preparation for ASAP.

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