NOTE: The information on these pages is regarding "need-based" financial aid--money students can receive to help pay for college regardless of their academic history. Need-based financial aid is determined by the family's financial position. Need-based financial aid is how the majority of students in America make college affordable.

    College Planners, Inc., a company with a long standing history with Westmont High School, presents information about financial aid during the annual WHS Financial Aid Information Night. All CUSD 201 families are always welcome and invited to participate in this event. Current seniors, juniors, and their families are strongly encouraged to attend. Please feel free to visit the College Planners, Inc, website for more information.
    For information on "merit-based" financial aid--money students can receive based on good grades, strong test scores, community service, or other involvement--please view our Scholarship Information pages. 
    Navigate the links below and to the left to learn about applying for financial aid.