• Construction Update

    Posted by Rima Black on 8/22/2016

    Miller School - Renovations are complete with the exception of wall radiation covers in the resource room which will arrive next week. Door lock cylinders will arrive on Monday.

    Manning School – Renovations are substantially completed. We are waiting on three radiation covers which arrive next week. The railing for the new front ramp is due next week. The door cylinders will arrive next week.

    Westmont Junior High - Renovations complete except for door cylinders.

    Westmont Senior High - Renovations are substantially completed. The low voltage work on the PA system and security system will arrive next week. The door cylinders will arrive next week. The tile grout in the unisex bathroom will be completed next week.
    There is $366,686 in the contingency budget. Currently, the project is trending to be under budget. If this is the case when phase three of the high school is completed, the positive balance would be added to the contingency.

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  • District Wide Construction Updates

    Posted by Rima Black on 8/15/2016
    Miller School - Windows have been installed and carpeting have been installed. The ceilings are complete. We are still running some low voltage wiring for voice and data. We are touching up the paint in several locations and preparing to install louvers over the baseboard convectors. We are waiting on the new bench lunch tables and significant cleanup is now taking place. The furniture is slated to be move back next week.
    Manning School - All carpeting has been installed. The washroom and nurse’s offices plumbing fixtures have been installed. We are waiting for delivery of the new multi-basin sink. The millwork has been installed in all three locations and all tile work is complete. The front lobby stonework is being installed in conjunction with the remainder of the face brick. The interior of the new lobby has been painted. We are waiting for the masons to finish and doors to be installed. We are still working on voice, data and communication wiring. We are also in the process of significant clean up in preparation of furniture being moved in to the renovated rooms.
    Westmont Junior High - All rooms have been completed with the exception of touch up painting, baseboard, minor electrical work and some window glazing, clean-up.
    Westmont Senior High - Our primary focus has been to get the two office suites and phase one classrooms ready for the return of the furniture next Tuesday. We are completing the installation of all millwork in the main front office and teachers work room. The electricians are nearing completion of all the pendent light fixtures throughout the corridors. The new doors have been hung in all door frames. The carpet installation is now returning back to the commons and corridors from the classrooms and offices. Painting of columns throughout the commons area is complete. The painters are now returning to do some significant touch up painting in all renovated areas. All mechanical work is complete with the exception of our chilled water coil which is due for installation next Monday.
    Auburn Window Company is installing the new windows in the front and student services area of the building. Schaaf glass has completed the installation of our media center store front minus a couple of blank panels on each end. The tile setters are finishing up tile in the nurse’s office, work room and unisex washrooms. We are still terminating low voltage wire for the voice, communication and data ports. The phase three temporary classrooms are getting power, voice and data returned for the start of school.
    We are also in the process of following up completed area with a cleaning crew and feel confident our building will be in good shape by the end of next week.
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  • District Wide Construction Updates

    Posted by Rima Black on 8/8/2016

    Miller School - Light fixtures have been installed in the resource rooms and new school office. Mechanical and low voltage work is still in process in both rooms. The window glazing is being installed in classroom room window frames. The front entrance lobby exterior door and frame have been installed. The rooms have been painted and ceiling grids installed. The concrete has been poured for the new front entrance walk.

    Manning School - Ceiling grid and light fixtures have been installed in the new school office, workroom and nurse’s office. The tile setters are about 80 percent complete with tile work in the nurse’s restroom and staff restroom. The mechanical heating and cooling system work is still in progress. The new front lobby is really taking shape with the steel deck and roof and drains installed. The new air handler is installed. All related wiring for light and power is in process. The masonry face brick installation has started.

    Westmont Junior High School - All rooms have been dry walled and taped, rooms 306, 306a, and 310 have also been painted. Painting in rooms 201, 205, 207, 207A, and 211 are slated for tomorrow and early next week.

    Westmont Senior High School - Ceiling work has been completed in the north corridor and in rooms 145 and 146. Carpet installation has started in the cafeteria portion of the commons. The ceiling and light fixture work is in process in the administration suite, classroom and the office portion of phase one. Installation of the skylight curbs is almost complete with the actual skylights arriving by Friday. The new concrete front walk will be poured tomorrow. The lockers are also now being reinstalled and the painting of the commons area is almost complete. Some mill work has also arrived and installation has started. The electrical and low voltage work is in process.

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  • Safety & Security Renovations Presentation

    Posted by Nadine Norris on 8/4/2016

    Stephen Cashman provided an update to the Board of Education on July 26. Below is the link to his presentation. 

    Safety & Security Update

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  • District Wide Construction Update

    Posted by Rima Black on 8/1/2016

    Miller School - All drywall has been installed and painted. The ceiling grid has been installed and light fixture installation has started. Electric and low voltage wiring is in progress. Interior and exterior masonry work has been completed. We are awaiting window delivery which is scheduled for August 5th. Mechanical work on the heating and cooling system is in progress. Front entrance concrete is being removed and new concrete will be poured next Tuesday.

    Manning - Drywall installation is complete in all three rooms and the painting is almost complete. The ceiling grid and light fixtures are in progressed. Mechanical heating and cooling working is in progressed the tile setters have started to install the wall tile in the nurse’s washroom. Structural masonry work is complete. We are awaiting face brick and stone to finish the exterior of the front addition. Electric and low voltage work is in progress.

    Westmont Junior High School - Drywall work is in progress in rooms 306, 306A, and 310, with taping, patching and painting to follow. Rooms 201, 205, 207, 207A, and 211 are scheduled for drywall next week. Electrical and low voltage work is in progress.

    Westmont High School - All Drywall installation, taping and painting have been completed in phase one. The ceiling around the north hallway is now being installed and should be completed next week. Carpet installation has started in rooms 145 and 146. The store front framing is now being installed around the perimeter of the media center. The ceiling grid and light fixtures are now being installed in the front administration suite and the rear student services entrance. All common area walls will be painted by early next week. The skylight curbs are being installed and should be completed by early next week. The exterior masonry work has been completed with the anticipation of windows coming later next week. The mechanical work has started for the new cooling coil in roof top unit #10.

    Low voltage and electrical work is in progress. We have received a partial shipment of white and tag boards; we hope to see the tile setters sometime next week so we can complete the installation of all plumbing

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  • Facilities Update

    Posted by Rima Black on 7/25/2016

    Miller School - The contractor has installed all the drywall in the school office and resource room. They are in the process of taping, mudding and sanding the joints. They hope to start painting early next week. Electrical and low voltage wiring is ongoing. The masonry work for the resource room and school office is complete. The window and door frames have been installed in those locations.

    Manning School - Drywall installation is complete in the new school and nurse’s office. Drywall installation is starting today in the new workroom. Electrical and low voltage work is ongoing. The plumber has finished roughing in the new ladies faculty and nurse’s office washroom. The cement block for the new front lobby has been set with face brick work to start next week. Concrete is being poured today for the front entrance ramp and lobby. The masons have also installed a new support beam for the front entrance vestibule. The air conditioner condenser has been set on the roof and associated piping run to the evaporator locations.

    Westmont Junior High - All metal stud framing and electrical conduits have been installed. The drywall installation is starting today. Electrical and low voltage work is ongoing.

    Westmont Senior High - Drywall installation and taping are complete in the phase one portion of the academic wing. The majority of the drywall has been installed in the front administration suite with the hope to have that portion completed by the start of next week. The painters have completed the academic portion of phase one and are now painting all of the common areas including the original sky light portion of the ceiling. The rough in plumbing is complete and awaiting finishes. The masonry contractor has been working on removing the brickwork for the new windows and door. The electricians have installed the new transformer for lighting and power. The low voltage contractor has been wiring the remainder of the building for the upgraded AP devices.

    Ceiling grid installation in the common areas is almost complete. The crew is now working in the academic area. The carpet installers are coming next week.

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  • District Wide Construction Update

    Posted by Rima Black on 7/5/2016

    Miller School - Metal stud framing is complete in the new resource room. The electric and low voltage installation has started in the same area. We have abated the tile that remained under the walls and cabinets in the new office. The metal stud installation is scheduled for completion by early next week.

    Manning School - Metal stud framing has been completed in the new school office, work room, and nurse’s office. The electricians and low voltage personnel are installing the electrical drops within the metal studs in preparation of drywall installation. The plumbers are finalizing all of the rough in work in the nurse’s office and the women’s faculty washroom. The ADA ramp walls were poured Thursday. The remainder of the ramp will begin next week.

    Westmont Junior High - Metal stud installation is complete in rooms 201, 205, 207, 207A, and 211. The electricians are finalizing the electrical drops in those areas and the framers will start building the walls in rooms 306, 306A and 310, early next week.

    Westmont High School - Metal stud framing is complete in the administrative suite, phase 1 classrooms, rooms 145, 146 and the science mezzanine. The drywall is being installed in room 145 and in the science mezzanine. The electricians are installing the electrical drops in the phase one classrooms and student entrance offices. We are hoping to start drywall installation in phase one next week and the administrative suite shortly afterward. The plumbers have repaired the incorrect pitch in the sanitary line through the attendance office and are continuing to work on the nurse’s, unisex and work room washrooms. As of July 1, work has started on the layout of the ceiling grid throughout the north lobe hallway.

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  • District Wide Construction Update

    Posted by Rima Black on 6/27/2016

    Miller School - Interior demolition is complete. The low voltage electrician is in the process of removing the current PA and air phone systems. The systems will be relocated to the new main office. During the removal of the storage and sink cabinets we came across some 9" floor tiles containing asbestos. This will require minor abatement and we do not anticipate a delay. The metal studs for framing arrived on June 23. Framing will start the week of June 27.

    Manning School – The exterior lobby foundation has been poured. Excavation of the front ADA walk way to the lobby is in progress. The concrete will be poured either June 24 or June 25. The metal studs were delivered and framing has started in the new nurse and school offices. The plumbers are roughing in the supply and discharge pipes in the ladies faculty washroom and nurses office.

    Westmont Junior High School - Framing has started in rooms 201, 205, 207, 207A and 211. The installation of electrical wiring and low voltage wiring should begin next week. Once the wiring is completed, the drywall installation will begin.

    Westmont High School - Metal stud framing is close to completion in the front administrative suite, science mezzanine, and the first phase of the academic wing. The electrical, data, and drywall will begin next week. The mulch in front of the auditorium wall has been removed and the recess filled in with concrete. The electricians are continuing to install wiring for power and data in rooms 145 and 146. The plumbers are continuing to work on the restroom in the new work room and nurse’s office. We also have eliminated all the old electrical and data stubs in the academic area that were no longer being used.

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  • HS Demolition Almost Complete

    Posted by Nadine Norris on 6/14/2016

    Demolition at Westmont High School is almost complete. The framing of the new classrooms has just begun. The slide show includes some dramatic pictures. Check back soon as we will have news and images from the other buildings. 

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  • Construction is Underway!

    Posted by Nadine Norris on 6/10/2016

    Work has begun on all four of our school buildings. The most dramatic changes have taken place at Westmont High School. Teachers packed their materials into crates to be stored over the summer. Even before the teachers left on the last day of school, the construction team held meetings and prepared for demolition. As of today, much has changed in the high school building. Most of the demolition is complete, although the old ceiling will come down next week.

    Westmont Junior High, Manning, and Miller will begin their construction projects soon. Manning and Miller’s abatement projects are complete this week. The Junior High is preparing for demolition by covering floors and blocking off non-construction areas with plastic.

    Check back for updates and see pictures of the progress throughout the summer!

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