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    Westmont High School
    24-Hour Attendance/Late Arrival

    Voice Mailbox


    * Absences
    * Late Arrivals
    Message should include:
    * Student's full name
    * Student's year in school
    * Date of Absence
    * Period(s) student will miss (Full Day/Period 1-3/Approximate arrival time)
    * Reason for the absence
    * Caller's relationship to student
    * Phone number at which caller can be reached


    Early Dismissal

    Arranged If Parent Writes a Note

    Included in note:
    * Full name of student
    * Date/Time of early dismissal
    * Explanation/Reason for early dismissal
    * State if student will/will not be returning to school
    * Parent signature
    Student delivers early dismissal note to Attendance Office
    Attendance office issues an Early Dismissal Pass for student to present to teacher at time of early dismissal.
    Student should check out via the Attendance Office -- Parents pick-up student at Door