August 24 and 25 Orientation and Material Pick Up Days for WHS Students

Monday, Augst 24th, and Tuesday, August 25th will be orientation and materials pickup days for all Westmont High School Students.

Please read the following important information: 

Monday, August 24 – Students with last names A THROUGH L (9 – 12)

Tuesday, August 25 – Students with last names M THROUGH Z (9 – 12)

The rain date will be Wednesday, August 26 if needed.

9:00  - Students arrive.

Please bring your class schedule and drop off books from last school year.

You will be required to wear a mask and as best as possible maintain physical distance from others.

Teachers will be lined up outside in alphabetical order.

You will be asked to go and meet with your teachers following the schedule below. Your teachers will share materials to start the year. We will make announcements so students can move from class to class.

9:15 –  9: 27                 1st period

9:30 – 9:42                   2nd period

9:45 – 9:57                   3rd period

10:00 – 10:12               4th period

10:15 – 10:27               5th period

10:30 – 10:42                6th period

10:45 – 10:57                7th period

11:00  -    Dismissal

Very Important: First Day of School Codes for Students