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Dear Westmont High School Parents:

We have just finished our staff development week as we prepare for the upcoming school year.

Our teachers worked diligently, several led training sessions for remote learning, and we spent time with three national experts on remote learning (Bill Ferriter, Regina Owens, and Nicole Dimich). The teachers have been learning and planning for months, but this past week was highly productive and puts our high school in the best position possible as we start the year in remote learning.

As a reminder, three short pieces of information that we have previously sent are attached to this message.

1)      The schedule for the August 24 and 25 material pick up and a brief introduction to teacher days.

2)      A letter explaining the August 24 and 25 days.

3)      The Westmont High School Remote Learning Days Schedule.

A few quick thoughts. Please do all you can to have your students attend these brief, outdoor meetings on August 24 and 25. Please have students bring their backpacks and a pen to write with because they will be collecting work materials and taking in some important information.

August 24 and 25 will be the pick-up days. Wednesday, August 26 will be a preparation day where students can look through the materials they have received, get organized, and perhaps do some reading.  We will start the remote learning schedule on Thursday, August 27 and then continue moving forward.

This schedule was built with maximum learning in mind. Part of that includes break time because we expect students to be present and focused during the time that is scheduled. The 15-minute intervals are for everyone’s sanity, and I am confident having led much remote learning over the past 6 months that less is more. 30 minutes of quality learning followed by a reasonable break will better position our students to concentrate and still meet with all their teachers four times a week for a significant amount of time.

On September 2nd we will host a virtual back to school night at 6:30. Details to follow.

On September 3rd from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. and then 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. I will be available at the high school for individual family meetings of 20 minutes each to answer questions about the upcoming school year. This is for any WHS family that wants to meet in person. Please call my assistant, Ms. Sonia Vera at 630-468-8102 to make an appointment. If this day does not work please call and make an appointment for a day when we both can meet. You can also call me at 630-468-8109 if you would prefer a phone conversation.

On September 2nd we will share the best achievement results in CUSD/WHS history.

Jack Baldermann – Principal – Westmont High School