Photo of Megan Malloy

Megan Malloy

8th Grade Math

Previous Experience:

Honors Math, English, and Social Studies Teacher: Hill Middle School, Naperville, IL

Math Interventionist: Jane Addams Junior High, Bolingbrook, IL

Honors Math Teacher/Math Interventionist: Miller & Manning Elementary, Westmont, IL


Degrees & Certifications:

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Loyola University Chicago; 2006

Masters Degree in Educational Technology: Curriculum and Instruction from Concordia University Chicago; 2021


About Me:

I became a math teacher after spending most of my childhood believing the myth that I was just “not a math person”.  For me, it took a group of amazing teachers to help me recognize my strengths in a topic that had always made me feel inferior to my peers.  Their dedication to me and the confidence that they helped me find is what drives my passion for teaching my students, year after year.  I hope to help all students recognize their mathematical strengths and build up their confidence, so they feel prepared to conquer any task thrown their way!



Theater: Assistant Director, Costumer