School Improvement Planning - SIP


Defining the School Improvement Planning Team (SIP):

SIP is a parent branch of the School Improvement Planning Team that consists of faculty and parents who have volunteered to serve as an advisory committee.  SIP allows parent volunteers the opportunity to contribute in an impactful and meaningful way. Together there is collaboration and creation of road maps that advance the District’s vision, creating objectives and action steps to support each goal.

Parents on this committee volunteered for a two-year cycle.  The SIP committee includes various stakeholders who may be new or are veterans to the District. They committed their time to meet two hours monthly for the two year term.  During the summer, there is a summer workshop thats brings together the faculty and parent branches. 

SIP Beginnings:

The SIP committee was created in 2019, when Principal, Lindsay Pietrzak, saw a need to develop clear school goals that our stakeholder groups could help to establish.  A general invite went out to all Manning families asking for involvement with the following question: "How do you evaluate our current elementary systems (Manning and Miller) so that we can plan for 2020 and beyond?" With the shift of Covid-19, SIP was also extended to Miller families and the SIP committee has been graced with 5 new Miller parent volunteers.

Areas of Focus:

  • Parent Education
  • Parent Communication
  • Parent Engagement


Additional Impact of SIP:

  • Making sure information for families is accessible (translations and bilinugual events, streamlined newsletters with key information, podcast topics)
  • Participation in Strategic Plan forums with the District
  • Providing questions for administrators that parents have about COVID-19
  • Development of "parent values of education" themes for Spring 2020 survey
  • "Strengths and challenges" activity - Traditional K-5 schools and Grade Level Centers
  • Obtained a grant for STEM kits that were provided to qualifiying students during COVID 19

Getting Involved:

If interested in joining, please contact Lindsay Pietrzak at