Manning administration, teachers, and a parent volunteer worked together to provide this podcast as a valuable resource to help you navigte this site.

Community Unit School District 201 is pleased to partner with Curriculum and Associates to use a program called i-Ready® Diagnostic & Instruction, an innovative adaptive assessment and engaging personalized instruction program for reading and math. i-Ready helps our teachers assess the needs of each in their class while monitoring progress throughout the school year. The program also provides differentiated, individualized online and classroom instruction based on the skills that each student needs.

i-Ready Diagnostic will be given at least two times during the school year: at the beginning of the year and at the end of the year.  A winter assessment window is available for those staff members that want an additional checkpoint. The results of the adaptive assessment provide teachers with an instructional course of action personalized for each student.

Adaptive Assessment

  • Designed for students to get about 50% correct and 50% incorrect and will find a “just right” placement level for reading and/or mathematics for each student in the quickest, most efficient way possible.
  • Helpful in showing what your child “can do” and what “the next steps for instruction” will be, individualizing instruction for each student.

Core Resource

Along with i-Ready Diagnostic, teachers use Ready Classroom Mathematics (K–8) which is a comprehensive core mathematics program that makes math accessible to all students. Everything works together to support teachers and empower students to connect to mathematics in new ways. The program includes:

  • An instructional design that allows students to take ownership of their learning
  • Rigorous practice opportunities that build students’ conceptual understanding and procedural fluency
  • In-depth reports that enable instructional decisions so teachers can help students reach their greatest potential