Multilingual Programs/ELL Program

Emergent Bilingual (EB) Program


The vision of the English Language Learner and Dual Language Programs at CUSD 201 is to provide engaging, standards-based academic programs through high-quality instruction to help students become bilingual, biliterate, and bicultural produce world-class citizens that can communicate and lead effectively in the 21st Century.

Emergent Bilingual (EB) Program

(formerly known as English as a Second Language or ESL)

Community School District 201 provides students who require support in English language acquisition and fluency, a rigorous curriculum through the Emergent Bilingual  (EB) program at every school.  Programs are designed to meet the ESSA and ISBE (Illinois State Board of Education) requirements.

Dual Language Program

Community School District 201 offers a two-way Dual language program. This two-way program has an equal or near balanced number of English learners and Spanish learners. The program's goals is to ensure that all students will learn to read, write, listen, and speak in both Engish and Spanish. 

This program benefits both the English and Spanish speaking students through natural language acquisition.  ELL students who are enrolled in the Dual Program fulfill their ESL requirement through the English instruction in the program.

Newcomer English

This program is designed for recent immigrants at the junior high or secondary level who have little or no English proficiency or limited or no formal education in thier native countries. Teachers desgin teaching and learning for these students to meet their educational needs as they engaage with instruction in the general education classrooms. 

Edith Courington

Bilingual Director/Personnel and Community Outreach Coordinator

Peggy Ciupinski

ELL and Intervention Specialist

Meg Ensalaco


Elizabeth Garcia

ELL Teacher/Bilingual Interventionist

Michelle Lighty