Finance and Operations


The goal of the Finance Department is to provide effective management of financial, capital and human resources through policies and practices that promote fiscal stability, financial accountability and ensure the CUSD 201 programs and facilities have funding for future years in the best interest of our students.

Learn about Illinois School District Budgets

Mechanics of a School District Budget

This resource offers an introduction to school finances and helps to explain the budget process.  This resource does not offer specifics related to CUSD 201, but rather an overview of the school budgeting process state-wide.

Anthony Ruelli
Business Manager/CSBO

Anisha Gawriluk
Payroll/Benefits Coordinator

Cheryl Brower
Accounts Payable Coordinator

Amanda Sarles
Accounting Coordinator


Prevailing Wage/Rate Statement

All contractors are advised that no less than the prevailing rate of wages as determined by the Illinois Department of Labor shall be paid to all laborers, workers and mechanics performing work under this agreement.

Prevailing Wage Rates