About Us

WJHS Vision and Mission 

The CUSD 201 and WJHS mission is to educate and empower students to be academically prepared and socially responsible.

In order to accomplish our mission the stakeholders of CUSD 201 BELIEVE:

All students have a right to a high quality education. Providing this learning environment is the shared responsibility of students, families, schools and communities. The school district’s number one priority is providing each student the opportunity to be a productive, lifelong-learning member of a global society. Continuous school improvement is key to meeting the dynamic needs of students. 

Our vision at WJHS falls under the CUSD 201 Small Giant Vision and extends outward.  

We are passionately committed to cultivating a growth mindset, ensuring learning for all, and developing students who are informed, active citizens and leaders. CUSD 201’s footprint on the community, state, and world will be that of a small giant.

Our vision is for our students, staff, faculty, administration, and our community to become Small Giants.