Service Learning

Student Service Learning Commitment

Students will have opportunities inside and outside of school to fulfill this commitment.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ALL SSLC requirements are cancelled for the 2019-2020 school year.  This means that during this school year, students do not need to complete their hours.  Upon their graduation year, any number of hours that students should have earned when they were a student of WJHS during the 2019-2020 school year, will be subtracted from the minimum 36 hours needed to walk the stage during the graduation ceremony. 

For the 2019-2020 school year, all three grade levels will be taking turns to serve at Feed My Starving Children in Aurora, IL (SIP Days:  8th grade on October 2nd, 7th grade on December 4th, and 6th grade on February 5th).  While there, students will pack food that is sent across the globe to those in need.  This will count for 2 hours of service for each student.  After your student's experience, your entire family may want to attend.  Feel free to follow the link below to make that happen.

Due dates for 2019-2020:

8th Grade - March 19th, 2020

7th Grade - May 11th, 2020

6th Grade - May 11th, 2020 


For more about SSLC, click on the links below of the description and log sheet

SSLC Program Description

Parent and Student SSLC Presentation

2019-2020 SSLC Activity Log Sheet

Ideas for Earning SSLC Hours (Slideshow)

-Student Service Learning Commitment List-

This list will grow as our relationships locally, statewide, nationally, and globally grow.  If you have a question about a service opportunity that is not on this list, check the link above "SSLC Program Description" or call/email the office.

Red, White and BBQ:  Closed

Taste of Westmont:  Closed

St. Balderick's Foundation-

1 hour will be awarded for 5 or more donations.  An additional hour is awarded for being at the event and having head shaved.  Any student that collects over $250 in donations will be given and additional hour. More information about St. Baldrick's Foundation.

Westmont Public Library -  

Ronald McDonald House near Central DuPage Hospital -

Feed My Starving Children -

People’s Resource Center - MUST SIGN WAIVER - WAIVER FORM. Students 12 years old and younger must be accompanied by an adult.  

Westmont Park District - 


Westmont Park District
P|  630.963.5252

Forest Preserve District of DuPage County-

West Suburban Humane Society

DuPage Senior Citizens "Chore Days" -  Volunteers are needed the first three weekends in May and November to help seniors clean up their yards.  

The County of DuPage - Volunteer Opportunities -

Operation Gratitude "Saying Thank You to All That Serve"-  

A fantastic new website connecting DuPage County residents to volunteer opportunities:

Toy Express Children's Charity Inc.

View the explanation of the service opportunity and more information on the newsletter Toy Express with this link.  Students can contact Barb at or  call her at  630-323-8135. There will also be a link to sign up on line.                                                            

NOTE:  The information BELOW can be found in a two-page document if you follow the "SSLC Program Description" link toward the top of this page. 

WJHS SSLC Program Information 

Being a WJHS SMALL Giant means giving a little time…and making a BIG DIFFERENCE!

The Student Service Learning Commitment (SSLC) is a graduation requirement for all students earning a Westmont Junior High School diploma at the graduation ceremony. Students perform this community service with an approved nonprofit organization, and must include the phases of preparation, action and reflection. Students at WJHS are required to earn:

   9 SSLC hours by the first school day of the 2nd full week of May of their 6th grade year.

   12 SSLC hours by the first school day of the 2nd full week of May of their 7th grade year.

   15 SSLC hours by the first school day of the 2nd full week of March of their 8th grade year and a total of 36 hours over the course of their 3 years* at WJHS. 

*Students that transfer in will receive a lessened amount of hours.  This will be discussed with the STAR teacher and administration and communicated to student. 


  •  Gain a better understanding of diverse cultures and communities.
  •  Connect with members in their own community.
  •  Learn more about social issues and the root causes of the issues at hand.
  •  Develop strong leadership, collaboration and communication skills.
  •  Obtain an opportunity to act on a value or belief.
  •  See how content learned in the classroom is applied in the real world.
  •  Realize that they can make a difference no matter who or where they are or how old they are.
  •  Gain confidence in their individual skills and abilities.
  •  Develop critical-thinking skills in real-world applications.
  •  Create a strong camaraderie with their peers and realize the importance of good citizenship.

Credit for Student Service Learning Commitment can be earned starting the summer after Grade 5 and must be completed by junior high school graduation. Students may earn SSLC hours in the following ways:

Active membership in approved school clubs; Early Act, Student Leadership Team (SLT), Outdoor Environmental Science, Recycling, Student Council. Other clubs may be eligible for SSLC hours after administrative approval is given.

Additional SSLC Information:

  1. Student Service Learning Commitment activities are coordinated through the STAR class/teachers. Students should record their SSLC on the forms provided by the STAR teachers. (Forms can also be downloaded from the WJHS website). For more information, contact your child's STAR teacher.
  2. Students should strive to find a variety of SSLC activities in order to broaden their horizons. The idea is to find a way to help others, especially if the student chooses a responsible action to meet a need. It is an act that stresses the idea that it is better to give than receive. Helping the environment, an animal, a special habitat, and a community area constitutes community service. We are also looking toward recognizing support for local, state, regional, and international activities.
  3. Verification of service performed during the first semester can be turned in throughout the semester year.  Students find meaningful service-learning opportunities that result from direct action with recipients. Activities such as serving food at a soup kitchen, tutoring a child in reading or math, and playing the piano for residents of a hospital are examples of direct action.
  4. All SSLC opportunities must be supervised by adults (who are not a relative of the student) representing nonprofit, tax exempt organizations. For- profit nursing homes and assisted living facilities are the only exceptions to the nonprofit rule, and these require a pre-approval form to be filled out in advance. Student Service Learning Commitment activities are due to the grade level STAR/Resource teacher.

How do I log hours? 

  • Hours can be designated by the sponsor of an event.
  • An SSLC slip can be signed off and stapled to activity log sheet (like a hallway pass).
  • Hours can be logged in half-hour increments.
  • A half an hour community service will be earned for giving items such as cans, clothes, and the like to a charity – the number of items will not matter. Students may accumulate up to two hours of time through donations.
  • Some SSLC activities may be coordinated through the school day.
  • Hours cannot be saved or banked for the next year.  Students are encouraged to participate in service hours on a regular and on-going basis.

What does not constitute community service?

  • Any activity in which you receive a tangible benefit or reward such as money (like babysitting) or special favors.
  • Any school activity in which you will receive a grade or credit toward a grade.
  • Practice hours for performance activities (i.e. choir practice, sports practice, etc.)
  • Helping a relative or friend with chores or a job.
  • Participating in a religious activity, play, as an acolyte, or youth group that’s purpose is to promote a given religion. Activities that promote worship or evangelism do not count toward the service hours requirement.  However, if such an activity benefits others without proselytizing, then the activity will count. Feeding the homeless, building homes for the needy, holiday group presentations to the community, and assisting with gift giving during the holidays all count towards community and service hours.
  • Playing in a band for formal presentation at school does not constitute community service unless the ensemble plays outside the school for the benefit of others such as for a nursing home.
  • Please talk with a teacher or administrator if you have questions regarding a type of service.

When will I be responsible for tracking my hours?

Students should track their hours in their Student Progress Folder (held in STAR/Resource) in hour and half hour increments. They should also complete a reflection.   Additionally, the “SSLC Activity Log” sheet is also located on the WJHS website (where you found the link to this SSLC program description).  The office can print you off a copy if you need one (request this during your lunch period).