Service Learning FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

Student Service Learning Commitment Questions

  1. If I help with the little kid classes at my dance studio and do not get paid, can I count those hours?  The short answer is "probably not."  All service completed, that go towards fulfilling the SSLC requirement, must be done for a non-for-profit organization.  If a dance studio, athletic team, or other extra-curricular organization is a non-for-profit organization, the answer is "yes."

  2. Is there any easier way to log hours?  Do you have an idea?  The SSLC activity log sheets are located on this website.  You can make a copy for home and one for school is provided.  If you don't have a printer at home and want one, please just ask the office for a copy.  You should bring your activity log sheet to get signed to any place you perform service.  You can also have the sponsor of the event sign a different sheet of paper with an explanation, date, total hours, and signature.

  3. How do we obtain a signature if we are housing our log sheets at school?  Have an extra sheet at home.  They are available online (website).

  4. More clarification on how WJHS club hours count.  Talk to your STAR or Resource teacher.

  5. Snow Leader - can this count toward SSLC hours?  SNOW leaders can receive 3 hours for this role.

  6. Recycling on Friday mornings - does this count? Can other students sign up for this?  This does count, but we already have enough students for this.

  7. If I babysit and DO NOT get paid, does that count? No.  Too hard to track.  However, there will be events when “day care” is needed within the district, and that could count.

  8. Park District sponsored, play performances (e.g. musicals). count?  No.  There is a partnership with the Park District though...and ways to serve through them...look for updates on this website and on the bulletin board in the Becker Commons.

  9. Can my student donate items (food/hygiene/pet food) for service hours?  If so, how many hours can he/she get?  Yes, students can receive up to 2 hours for donations.  2 cans equal one hour.

  10. My child loves animals.  Can he/she receive service credit for volunteering at an animal shelter?  YES!  The shelter will probably need to have an adult stay with the student though.

  11. Life is very busy right now.  Are there opportunities during the school day or right after school?  Totally understood.  There are service (activity) clubs.  Student Council, Student Leadership Team, Outdoor Environmental Science Club, and Early Act, are all service-related clubs.  When they do service activities, typically there is transportation after school (a 4:15 PM or 5:15 PM bus).  Additionally, if a parent/student reaches out because the student's schedule outside of school makes it difficult to reach his/her hours, the office will work with that student/parent to be creative.  This contact/collaboration between the parents/student/school office should occur in the first semester of the school year.  Please do not wait. 

  12. I know that this is a graduation requirement.  What happens if I am an 8th grader and do not complete my service hours by mid-March?  The administration will work with all 8th grade students that do not finish their 15 service hours by mid-March.  Students will be given opportunities before and after school if they fall in this category.  If students do not complete these hours by mid-May, students will lose the privilege to participate in the 8th Grade Graduation Ceremony. 

  13. Does cutting my Grandma's lawn and raking her leaves count?  No, but it's really nice of you to do for your Grandma!

  14. Last year I was a student at WJHS and I did not fulfill my hours.  What do I do?  For the 2016-2017 school year, you will need to fulfill your past and current SSLC obligation.  8th graders this year should have 12 hours from last year and 15 hours from this year...totaling 27 hours between the two years (if they were WJHS students both years).

  15. What SSLC opportunities occur within the school day for every student?  Each student will be able to  go to Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) on a SIP day with their his/her grade level (2 hours).  

  16. What if my church/synagogue is completing service, can this count towards SSLC?  NO if the activity is participating in a religious activity, play, as an acolyte, or youth group that’s purpose is to promote a given religion. NO if activities promote worship or evangelism do not count toward the service hours requirement.  However, if such an activity benefits others without proselytizing, then the activity will count. Feeding the homeless, building homes for the needy, holiday group presentations to the community, and assisting with gift giving during the holidays all count towards community and service hours.