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Photo of Richard Cornacchia

Richard Cornacchia

Physical Education

Physical Education Teacher 2002-Present I have been teaching for the past 26 years....

Photo of John Cortez

John Cortez

Industrial Arts

Photo of Emily Hillertz

Emily Hillertz

Physical Education

I received my BA in Physical Education and a minor in Health Education from Elmhurst Co...

Photo of Meagan Kirkwood

Meagan Kirkwood

Art, Amazon Future Engineers

Hello! My name is Meagan Kirkwood and I am joining Westmont Junior High School as the v...

Photo of Nick Koprowski

Nick Koprowski

Band Director

Photo of Michelle Lighty

Michelle Lighty


Photo of Sheila Ruh

Sheila Ruh

Library Media Specialist

Library Media Specialist    My name is Sheila Ruh and I am the Media Specia...

Photo of Zachary Troyer

Zachary Troyer

Vocal Choir

Zach Troyer teaches music at Westmont Junior High School.  He is excited for anoth...