Eligibility Requirements

Westmont Junior High School sport activities are conducted according to their specific seasons:  Fall, Winter, and Spring.  Athletic activities for boys include; cross country, soccer, basketball, wrestling and track and field.  Girls activities include; volleyball, cross country, basketball, track and field, soccer, softball and cheer.

To be eligible for participation in interscholastic athletics at Westmont Junior High School each candidate must:

IESA 3.061:  No student shall be permitted to compete in a tryout, practice, or contest unless such student has filed with the school principal a certificate of physical fitness issued by a licensed physician, physician’s assistant, or nurse practitioner as set forth in the Illinois State Statutes not more than 395 days preceding such tryout, practice, or contest in any athletic activity. 

  1. Have a current satisfactory physical examination on file with the Nurse's office.  This is to be completed each school year.
  2. Must pay the $75 athletic participation fee.
  3. May not fail more than one of the student/athlete's enrolled courses during the period of participation. This includes Physical Education, Music, Art, etc.
  4. Grade Eligibility must be obtained on a weekly basis. Grade Eligibility Reports will be sent every Friday morning to coaches. A student with at least one F may not participate in a game the following week. In the event that an athlete is not eligible, the coach will notify the athlete and the parent(s) of the athlete. If a student is ineligible, they are on probation for that week and expected to raise their grade by the next Thursday. If a student is ineligible two weeks (not necessarily in a row), during a season, the administration reserves the right to remove the athlete from the team.  An athlete is not allowed to go to their teachers Monday through Thursday and ask them to insert grades to change their eligibility status.