CUSD 201 Elementary Future Planning Task Force

Goals for this committee:

  • Develop two options for the building configurations of elementary age students that will be presented before the CUSD 201 Board of Education 
  • Create avenues for feedback and communication among all stakeholders in the community once these options have been presented
Meeting Date Agenda Focus

Wednesday, June 9th

Video Recording (password: brYN4o2)

  • Understand the goals of the committee
  • Brainstorm all options
Wednesday, June 23rd
  • Examine fiscal feasibility and pros/cons of options
  • Ask questions that need to be answered before July 7th
Wednesday, July 7th
  • Solidify two options to present to the Board
Wednesday, August 4th
  • Brainstorm ways to communicate and receive feedback from community

Essential question for the committee:

How can our building configurations for the elementary age students provide:

  • Optimal systems of education?
  • Equitable access to all of our resources?
  • Long term sustainability?


Optimal systems include:

  • Strongly aligned programming for Special Education students, Dual Language students and English Language Learners
  • Intervention/enrichment opportunities for all students in core areas of English Language Arts (ELA) and math
  • Sustainability 

Resources include:

  • Curriculum materials
  • Staffing
  • Professional learning and collaboration
  • Scheduling