SIP - WEDNESDAY, 9/29/2021

Check-In/Check-Out Form:

Credit Hours:

To receive the maximum CPDU Credit Hours, please:


There is a modest grace period around the beginning of the scheduled start time and around the scheduled end time that allows for "full credit" of time. A Check-In AND Check-Out is required from each staff member to complete the process and receive a receipt for CPDU Credit Hours.


Your IEIN number will be collected during the CHECK-OUT of this form. Log into the ELIS system if needed to look up your IEIN number.

Account Verification:

If you are not using your own device to Check-In, please confirm that YOU are logged into Google before proceeding because the authenticated account will be the one issued CPDU Credit Hours. If the collected email address at Check-In fails to match the email address at Check-Out, you will not receive your receipt correctly. You will receive automated* emails with your receipt of your Check-In and Professional Development hours.

*** Special note for Wednesday 9/29/2021 SIP ***

Normally, you receive automated emails with your receipt of your Check-In and Professional Development hours. Unfortunately, due to a technical problem, receipts may be delayed or manually sent. Apologies in advance for the inconvenience.

If you have any questions, please contact Jeremy Bautista. Only problems due to mechanical or technical problems will be acknowledged. Timestamps for missed or late Check-Ins or Check-Outs will not be adjusted.

Important Note:

Please be advised that to receive an Evidence of Completion form with the proper number of credits, you must use the form to sign-in at the start of the professional development event and sign-out at the end of the event or when you leave if it is before the end of the last session. It is the responsibility of the employee to accurately complete the Sign-In and Sign-Out process to receive the proof of completion. The Tech Staff will not make changes or corrections.