About Our Program

Program Guiding Principles for CUSD 201 Children Ages 3 - 6 years

We believe: 

  • Early learning and development are multi-dimensional.  For example:  Students develop language skills as they also develop social skills.
  • Young children are capable and competent.
  • There are individual differences in rates of development among children.  Children will exhibit a range of skills and competencies in any domain of development. 
  • Knowledge of child growth and development and consistent expectations are essential to maximize education experiences for children and to develop and implement programs.
  • Young children learn through active exploration of their environment in child-initiated activities and teacher-selected activities.
  • Families are the primary caregivers and educators of young children. 


District 201's preschool programs use the Illinois State Early Learning Standards and Creative Curriculum as their framework. Children can make choices, create and interact with peers in work/play centers where a variety of activities and materials are provided for individual and small group learning. 

Parent Involvement 

We believe that parents are a child's first and most important teachers.  Thus, family involvement is a basic component of our preschool programs. Research shows that the greatest benefits are reached when parents and teachers work together to help children grow, develop and learn.  Opportunities for parent involvement include, but are not limited to: parent-teacher conferences, classroom visits, field trips, parent volunteering, donating of materials, parent education workshops and family fun events.

Placement Options 

A variety of placement options are available to children ages 3 - 5 in our district.  They include:

  • participation in a community preschool program with or without consultation
  • participation in a state pre-k program
  • itinerant services (typically speech and language) provided individually or within a group setting several times a week
  • intensive special education program (self-contained or preschool program)
  • SASED or DuPage West Cook class
  • private placement in an education, residential or hospital setting. 

Early Childhood Special Education Program 

This CUSD 201 program provides special education services, including speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and behavior-social strategies in a curriculum that meets the individual needs of children with disabilities who are eligible for and in need of such services

Class Sessions:

  • Meets five days a week, from 8:30am - 11:00am  or  12:00pm - 2:40pm following the District 201 calendar
  • Maximum 10 students per class
  • 1:5 teacher/student ratio
  • Located at South School
  • Bus transportation provided


  • Degreed and State-certified Teachers
  • Early Childhood Specialists
  • Speech and Language Pathologist
  • Teaching Assistant


  •  3-6 years of age
  •  Participate in preschool screening and/or special education case study evaluation
  •  Have an IEP (individual education plan)
  •  Meet state eligibility requirements
  •  Live within CUSD 201 boundaries

Itinerant Services 

Special education services provided at South School by certified teachers to meet the IEP of each preschool student as determined by a speech evaluation or case study evaluation.

First Start Pre-Kindergarten Program 

This CUSD 201 program is a regular education preschool program.  It is funded by tuition and by an Illinois State Preschool-for-All Grant.  (The grant pays tuition for children who may be experiencing personal, financial, medical, family problems or other at-risk factors including mild development delays in speech, language, behavior, vision or coordination.)

Class Sessions:

  • Meets five days a week, from 8:30am - 11:00am  or 12:00pm - 2:40pm starting in September after a home visit and following District 201 calendar 
  • Maximum of 20 students per class
  • 1:10 teacher/student ratio
  • Located at South School
  • Bus transportation available (not available for tuition paying families)


  •  Degreed and State-certified Teachers
  •  Early Childhood Specialists
  •  Parent/Family/Community Coordinator
  •  Teaching Assistant

Enrollment Requirements:

  • 3-5 years of age (non-kindergarten age)
  • Participate in preschool screening
  • Meet district eligibility requirements
  • Live within CUSD 201 boundaries
  • Parent participation in program activities 

 Please contact 630-468-8015 with any questions.