Parent Update September 10th


September 10, 2021

Dear CUSD 201 Families,

We were all hoping that the 2021-22 school year would look a lot different than last school year. Unfortunately, we are still amid a pandemic. CUSD 201 is committed to full-time in-person learning, but we need to do it safely for our students, families, and employees.

We continue to follow the guidelines provided by the DuPage County Health Department, IDPH, and the CDC. Please understand that guidelines for schools are stricter than those for the general public, businesses, and other scenarios, such as travel.

We know that the best place for students to learn is in our schools. But to do it safely, there are times we need to send students home.

A district nurse or secretary usually contacts a family to let them know that their child needs to go home. Please understand that no one likes to make these calls, but we must follow these guidelines to maintain a safe environment.

1.  When one child in the family is home with any symptom, all children must stay home and follow procedures to return to school.

2.  When one child in the family is sent home from school with symptoms, all children in the family must also go home unless they are vaccinated and asymptomatic.

3.  Children may return to school when they have met one of three requirements:

  1. A Negative PCR Covid Antigen Test  (Or other NAAT Test)
  2. A doctor's note stating an alternative diagnosis
  3. A 14-day quarantine

The nurses and secretaries are responsible for providing these instructions to families.  We appreciate you following the steps required, even though you may disagree.

Thank you for your assistance in keeping our schools healthy. We all need to be patient with each other and continue to work together.

Please read the entire communication for additional information.

DuPage County Metrics:
DuPage County is at a high level of transmission (DCHD COVID-19 Dashboard).  As of September 10, the seven-day positivity rate for Westmont is 4.43%, Hinsdale is 3.42%, Downers Grove is 4.18%, and Clarendon Hills is 3.42%. The average positivity rate for our community is 3.55%.  The new cases per 100,000 are over 100.

Please read the entire communication for additional information.

Parents should keep children with COVID-19 symptoms at home. The students will need a negative COVID test or a note from a doctor to return to school. Students who report COVID-like symptoms while in school will be sent home, as will any siblings living in the same home.

The District will be following the CDC Guidance for Schools. Social distancing will be 3 feet. The CDC defines close contact with a person who is positive for COVID-19 and less than 3 feet apart for more than 15 minutes. If a student is fully vaccinated and comes in contact with someone who is positive for COVID-19, the student does not need to quarantine. An unvaccinated student who comes in contact with someone who is positive for COVID-19 will need to quarantine for 14 days. The quarantine period can be reduced to 10 days with a release from the DuPage County Health Department.

National School Lunch Program
The National School Lunch Program is still operating under an emergency order. All students are eligible for a free breakfast and lunch regardless of income level.

If you are not vaccinated already, please consider receiving the vaccine. You can find Information regarding the Covid-19 Vaccine on the DCHD website. 

Thank you for your patience and continued support of CUSD 201.

Take care,

Kevin Carey
CUSD 201