Eligibility Requirements

Westmont High School sport activities are conducted according to their specific seasons:  Fall, Winter, and Spring.  Athletic activities for boys include; football, cross country, soccer, golf, basketball, wrestling, baseball, and track and field. Girls activities include; volleyball, cross country, golf, basketball, track and field, soccer, softball, performance football cheer, performance basketball cheer, competitive cheer, and Poms/Dance.

To be eligible for participation in interscholastic athletics at Westmont High School each candidate must:

  1. Have a current satisfactory physical examination on file in the Athletic Department and Nurse's office.  This is to be completed each school year.  For incoming freshmen students, the high school entrance examination will suffice.
  2. Must pay the athletic participation fee.
  3. Complete online registration at westmont.8to18.com.  You must fill this out for each sport you child will participate in.
  4. May not fail more than one of the student/athlete's enrolled courses during the period of participation, as well as the previous semester.  This includes Physical Education, Drivers Education, Health, Music, Art, etc.
  5. Students who fail only one class will be placed on probation for the next nine weeks of the semester.  During that time, weekly eligibility checks will be made to ensure those students are passing all classes.  If they are passing all classes, they will remain eligible.  If they are not passing all classes, they will lose their eligibility for the following week.  They may regain their eligibility only by passing all classes at the next eligibility check(s).  At the end of the nine-week period, when quarterly report card grades are issued, any student on probation who has passed all classes for the quarter will be removed from the probationary list and will be eligible for the remainder of the semester.  This student's status will be the same as any other eligible student.  If a student who is on the probationary list does not pass all classes, that student will lose the eligibility to participate for the remainder of the semester.  The student may regain eligibility by passing all classes at the end of the semester or by earning a cumulative GPA of 2.5 in the previous semester.