Graduation Requirements

Westmont High School graduation requirements are approved by the Community Unit School District Board of Education and meet the standards set by the Illinois State Board of Education.

A. Numerical Requirements:  Every student must successfully complete 22 credits to meet graduation requirements.

B.  Area requirements:  The 22 credits needed for graduation must be earned as shown below:

Subject Areas   Credits Total Credits
English English 9 1.0  
  English 10  1.0  
  English 11 1.0  
  English 12 1.0  
    Total 4.0
Math Six Semesters 0.5 each  
    Total 3.0
Science Four-Six Semesters 0.5 each  
  (depending on course of study)


2.0 - 3.0
Social Science Soc. Science Elective 0.5  
  Soc. Science Elective (non-US) 0.5  
  U.S. History 1.0  
  Government 0.5  
  Consumer Economics 0.5  
Constitution Test Pass Standardized Assessment    
    Total 3.0
Physical Education¹ PE - 6 Semesters 3.0  
  Health - 1 Semester 0.5  
  Drivers Ed² - 1 Quarter 0.25  
  Swim³ - 1 Quarter 0.25  
    Total 4.0
Fine Arts One semester 0.5  
    Total 0.5

17.0 – 18.0


4.5 – 5.5


¹Except for Driver’s Education and Swim classes, a semester course is awarded .5 credit.

²By law, students who have not passed eight classes in the previous two semesters may not be enrolled in Drivers Education.  Students who obtain a license without taking Dr. Ed. at WHS must take PE.

³Passing of one (1) quarter of swimming is required for graduation.

Additional Graduation Requirements

All students are required to comply with State of Illinois testing laws in order to graduate. High school students must take the SAT college-entrance exam on the assigned school testing date. The SAT assesses English, reading, writing, and math.

Beginning with the 2020-2021 school year, in addition to any other requirements under the Illinois School Code, as a prerequisite to receiving a high school diploma from a public high school, the parent or guardian of each student or, if a student is at least 18 years of age or legally emancipated, the student must comply with either of the following:

  1. File a Free Application for Federal Student Aid with the United States Department of Education or, if applicable, an application for State financial aid.
  2. On a form created by the State Board of Education, file a waiver with the student’s school district indicating that the parent or guardian or, if applicable, the student understands what the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and application for State financial aid are and has chosen not to file an application under paragraph (1).