Applying to College

There are several steps in applying to college--the sooner you begin the better! Most schools' applications become available August 1st of the year before you plan to enter. Many schools have deadlines on November 1st, so do not wait!

Application Requirements

  • Online application. You will need to submit an online application for each school to which you are applying.
    • Some schools have their own application on their website
    • Others utilize the Common Application or Coalition for College Application
  • Transcripts. You must send official transcripts to colleges and universities. For more information about sending your official transcripts, please visit our Transcript Request page.
  • SAT/ACT Scores. We are able to post SAT/ACT scores to transcripts at no extra charge. However, some colleges will not accept SAT/ACT scores on high school transcripts. For those schools, visit College Board or ACT and request to have your scores sent directly from SAT or ACT. Additionally, if you are wondering if your prospective college requires standardized test scores, please visit FairTest. It includes a list of 1800+ colleges and universities that no longer require standardized test scores during the admissions process.
  • Personal statement or essay. This piece is not required by every school, but many colleges and universities will ask for an essay or writing sample, including ALL Common Application schools. Some tips on essay-writing include:
    • Use this as an opportunity to share information that is not available on your transcript
    • Have several other people (including your school counselor) proofread your essay
    • Follow the instructions in the prompt carefully
  • Letters of recommendation. Some colleges and universities require you to have adults who know you and can speak to your potential for success submit letters of recommendation on your behalf. Many schools, including all Common Application schools, require you to have your counselor submit a school report form.
    • Only submit letters of recommendation if the school requires or recommends it
    • Do not submit more letters than the school requires or recommends
    • Be sure to request your letters from teachers, coaches, counselors, etc. at least 2 weeks in advance (remember, they have the right to say NO)
    • You MUST complete the Letter of Recommendation Brag Form in Maia Learning in order for your teacher or counselor to write your letter