Search for Colleges

A successful formal college search begins with a self-search. There are over 4,000 colleges and universities in the United States--how do you begin narrowing this number down to a more reasonable list?

Every college is different. Just like people, each school has a set of characteristics that make up its personality. It is important to find a college whose personality matches your own. Some major factors  to consider include:

  • How many students attend this school? Do you want to attend a school with small class sizes, like here in CUSD 201? Or would you rather attend a big university with lots of people around and classes of upwards of 300? Perhaps you would prefer something in the middle. The population of a college contributes much to the overall "vibe" of the institution.
  • Where is this school? Would you prefer a school in an urban area? Rural? What about climate, or distance from home? 
  • Does this school have the program(s) and activities which interest you? Even if you aren't exactly sure what you want to study yet, hopefully you have some idea of what subjects you like and dislike. This information can help lead you to choosing a major. Activities, including sports or clubs, can also help you in your college decisions. For instance, if you are very passionate about gymnastics or marching band you will want to look for a school that has these groups.
  • How selective/academically rigorous is this school? College should be challenging--working through difficulty is one the best ways to grow and learn. Finding a school to which you are admissible and is still going to challenge your learning is ideal.
  • What type of student attends this school? Because every college has its own personality, many tend to attract students with particular traits, interests, and characteristics. The best way to determine if you "fit in" at school is to visit their campus in person--check out our Visiting Colleges page for more information!
  • Why does this school exist? Although this question may seem a bit vague, it's an important one to ask. Most colleges and universities have a set of ideals on which they were founded, or a set of goals they have set for their contemporary students. Some schools have a religious foundation; others are rooted in the ideals of social justice and volunteerism.