Look what happens in Ms. Dervin's INCubator class!

Cake pops and pretzels

This year in INCubator there are two students who love to bake.  They formed a team based on their similar interests and want to create their start-up based on their shared passion of baking.  While there are many bakers in the entrepreneurial world,  their business  will be based  on a newer concept in the baking industry, pop-ups. Porch pop-ups are one of the models they are considering for selling their products. 

This week the students were working on testing markets and interviewing potential customers.  Part of the interview process is they must present a demo of their solution, a demo of their product, service or app.   Here are a few photos from Iris Rodriguez Perez  and Ryan Wild's bakery products.The detail that went into picking out the packaging, the colors, and the quality of the products was very impressive.

After they interviewed the other students in INCubator, a few teams now want to hire them for catering events for their companies.  INCubator is now dual credit, and the students are working hard in order  to earn the 3 credit hours of BUSIN 1161 Entrepreneurship from COD.

Cake Pops   Pretzel sticks

Cake Pops